Sam Habet - Hustle / Disco WCS + Salsa

Sam Habet -
by Ron Bess

A good photographer must not only understand the art of photography but understand the subject matter as well. When it comes to dancing, Sam Habet has conquered them both. He has a strong comprehensive knowledge of competitive dancing as well as the skills needed behind the lens. Sam has been dancing for years. In the late 90's he decided to explore the competitive ranks. With great success he has continued to compete in Amateur, Pro/Am as well as show case divisions.  As a trained dancer he has learned the multiple levels and dynamics of partnership dancing and performing. He has developed that keen sense of anticipation which is irreplaceable when it comes time to capture that dance moment on film. Sam has coupled his mutual love for dance and photography. A desire that supersedes any monetary reward. "I take pictures with great passion" explains Sam. "I love portraits, action shots and candid photos, especially on the social dance floor." As a child Sam embraced photography. It has been a hobby of his since he was a youngster.

A side from his daily, high volume business schedule, Sam engages his photography and displays it on his website. His mission is to spread the word of dance in the community for recruitment of new dancers. His motto is, one picture is worth ten thousands words.?  You can observe his work from many of the national competitions at Http:// 

For dance portraits, competitive shots, photos for personal use or for the Hustle Hall of Fame, contact Sam Habet at  or visit his website.
If your planning to attend any of the national and/or regional dance competitions,  chances are, Sam will be there social dancing, competing along with his cameras.

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