Lisa Nunziella - Hustle / Disco WCS + Salsa

Lisa Nunziella -
by Ron Bess with

Let me take you on a trip down Memory "Disco" Lane. Who can forget the impact this petite, 5 foot dynamo had on our Dance generation. Born in Brooklyn, NY, she literally conquered the Hustle world. Lisa competed and performed all over the world, winning virtually every title with various partners (Eddie Vega, Danny Llaurado, Ricky Quintana, Arte Phillips & Deano Georgio). A true pioneer of the hustle, we dance today. Lisa won the World Hustle title, two time winner of the United States title, semi-finalist on Dance Fever, Harvest Moonball winner at Madison Square Garden and was undefeated winning 13 consecutive weeks, (never done before) on Ed McMahon's Nationally televised "Star Search," winning the $100,000. Grand prize along with partner Eddie Vega. With a background in all forms of dance and gymnastics, she brings to the dance floor a level of energy rarely seen today. A consummate professional, she has landed numerous movie roles in Hollywood. Some of her movie credits include, "Dance with me," "Mambo Kings," "Naked Gun 2 1/2 " & "The Mask." And who can forget watching her MTV performance on the Prince video, "Diamonds and Pearls." Fourteen years ago she moved to California where she now resides with her husband and two year old son Jack. Lisa is the CO-owner of a large fitness center, Angel City Fitness, located in Marina del Rey. In addition, she currently has her own line of dance wear clothing available. Although she is a mother, wife and entrepreneur, this has not slowed her down. She is finishing up a series of work out videos in addition to instructional videos on Salsa, Hiphop, and dance lifts/adagio.( DanceTalk will pass on ordering information once they are available). Truly one of the great, all-round dancers that could leave you speechless whether she is performing a death defying routine at Roseland or just taking command at Alexis dance studio. She plans a visit back to the Big Apple this fall to see family and friends. If you've never had the opportunity to see her dance live, pick up a copy of one of the movie's listed above for a look at Hustle/theatre arts at its best.

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