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Kristine W -
by Ron Bess

On September 11, 2001, as we sat glued to our televisions, watching in horror, as the USA was under attack, Kristine was undergoing her own fight. On 9-11, she was having a stem cell transplant. And like the mighty USA, she is back and "Flying Again." Last week marked the release of her newest CD on Tommy Boy records. With six straight # 1 Billboard accredited hits to her name, this is her newest project since being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

During the 90's she rocked the dance floors with her hits like "One More Try," "Land Of the Living," "Some Lovin and 'Stronger."
With the release of her new CD, she spoke with me about her inspirations.

Kristine grew up listening to various styles of music but was driven by the vocals of Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Blondie and Al Jaerur. "I loved theses great artists and anyone else that was glamorous." Growing up she studied tap dancing and ballet and incorporates various styles of dance into her show including hip hop. "Its very important to take the temperature of what the people are doing in the clubs. It is vital for me to stay in contact with the dance scene. When writing her songs, 10 of the 12 tracks she penned, she wants the beat to go with the lyrics, "I want it to fit the dance of today." Kristine has just completed the video for the title track, "Fly Again.

This song carries the good news of her victory now that she is in remission.

She has dedicated the new album to all the brave souls that have fought the cancer battle. In 2001, as she performed the songs from her album "Stronger," she was actually getting weaker. During her treatment stage she watched so many others battle cancer but..... came up short. While going thru chemotherapy and losing her hair, she was inspired to write songs.

Today she listens to jazz and dance music coming out of Europe. "Rap music works when it's musical and mixed. Straight rap is harder to stay with too long.

Her new CD, "Fly Again," will have you soaring. Her personal favorite cut is "The Wonder Of It All," but the first release will be the title track. Her vocals combine the range of Cher with the xcitement of Madonna. The new album includes an All Star team of producers that have previously worked with Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Deborah Cox, Dirty Vegas .....

The new album is full of great tunes led by "I'll Be Your Light" and my personal favorite "Save My Soul.

Kristine resides in Las Vegas with her family and pre schoolers. She has performed in Vegas for over a decade. In 1995 the "Night Club" in the Hilton Hotel / Casino was built for her show. She performed there for the next three years with her band, four dancers and three back ups.

Grateful to over come her battle and able to still perform, Kristine states, "with God's help, a whole lot of faith and the prayers of family and friends, I can tell you that it is possible to Fly Again.

With a fresh new album and a greater appreciation for life, she should be given a P. H. D. for will power. She just appeared performed at the 2003 Angel Ball, made an appearance on CNN and Fox News and will be performing thru out the US.

I anticipate her new album "flying" up the dance charts.

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