Feather's Dance Contest - Hustle / Disco WCS + Salsa

Feather's Dance Contest -
by Ron Bess

Feathers Dance Contest
Back in the day, the most exciting dance contests were held at some of the best discotheques in the country. Prizes could range from cold cash to exotic trips or even shiny new automobiles.
The night clubs that sponsored the contests typically would run preliminaries then bring the weekly winners back for the semi and/or final competition. The clubs would be packed. A contest was such a great draw and the atmosphere was just right:
The sound systems, lighting and special effects would create the ultimate setting.
These contests, in most cases, were open to anyone and pretty much had an anything goes policy.
One memorable contest took place in the summer of 1981, at the beautiful Feathers Disco in Long Island, NY. Each week the best couple qualified to return for the finals. These were some of the best couples in the country. The Silver Screen never witnessed the high energy provided by these teams. Their electrifying performances would still stand the test of time:

Roma Moon and Joseph Harris danced to Salsoul's "It's good for the Soul"

Lucas Jamie and Kathy Young chose the classic "Shine on Silver Moon".

Ricky Quintana and Lee Rofrano danced to Melba Moores "Pick Me Up I'll Dance

Derrick Allen and Lilia Parra performed to Meco's "Star Wars".

George Velazquez shocked the crowd dancing to "Savage Lover" in full caveman attire

Billy Fajardo and Sandra Rivera selected the theme from "Star Wars"

Ralph Rameriz and Maria Gomez chose "Latin Odyssey" by Voyage

Miquel Marrero and Annette performed to "In the Socket"

Billy Assmus and Annabelle danced to "Fame".

And first place went to Eddie Vega and Lourdes Jones as they performed effortlessly to "Ten Percent" by Double Exposure. The applause was deafening.

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