Elegance of Dance - Frequently Asked Questions
for Hiring Dynamic Latin & Elegant Ballroom Dancers

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The Best of Salsa, Argentine Tango, Ballroom, Latin
Hustle, Waltz, Lindy Hop / Swing, Adagio, Magic & More

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

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Are you both full time professionals & how long are you providing this service ?

- - - We have been performing & teaching Professionally together since 2003.

Is that the performer in the video you are sending me for our event ?

- - - Yes. We do not send amateurs, a Semi-pro or Pro-Am Team.
We believe you are either a pro or not. No, Bait & Switch, here

Will there be breaks in the show ?

- - - When asking for a show most customers will hire a dance team that will perform and need a break before starting up again. We can deliver a show that does not have breaks. We add some Magic with Dance or Audience Participation to keep the performance moving forward

How are your costumes?

- - - We have costumes for every occasion - Conservative for school Show & Competitive for others. It's your call, our goal is to make sure no one is uncomfortable

What kind of reputation do you have ?

- - - EXCELLENT - Check out our Reviews with scanned letters, reviews & written testimonials from Venues we have performed at - THIS LINK - Reviews - References & Events - Click Here

What type of performances have you or do you do?

- - - Full Stage Show - Special Wedding Performances - Dance Weekends - Corporate - Schools - Libraries - Mitzvahs - Anniversaries - Museums - Gold Coast Mansions - Fairs - Colleges - Universities or with a Band / Orchestra / Dj

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