Deano "Dino" Georgio - Hustle / Disco WCS + Salsa

Deano "Dino" Georgio -
by Ron Bess

For many of the great dancers of the 70's, the Hustle, was a spring board for their career paths ahead. Some went on to own & operate studios, competitions and even Broadway, while others gave up the dance. Deano was able to catapult his dance / acting career into the movies and television.
Born in Brooklyn, NY, at age 16 his parents inspired him to the world of Ballroom dancing.  Along with Jean Camilletie, they won the Fox-trot and the All Around division in the prestigious 1979 Harvest Moonball. Now only 20, he turned professional and began teaching at Fred Astair dance studio. This was his indoctrination to the hustle. He began dancing at many NY hotspots like "Flavors," "Ice Palace" and Alexis Dance Studio. He also kept company with other hustle greats: Danny Llaudo, Lisa Nunziella, Ricky Quintana, Eddie Espinosa, Gina Figuaro, Sandra Rivera & Maria Torres. A young Deano competed on the televised "Soul Alive."  This pre - "Dance Fever" program showcased couples (representing different NY Discotheques) competing for their club. This was the start of a dance-TV - Movie career that would span from the 70's to today.
At age 23 he moved to Manhattan and along with partner Maria Torres they won the bronze at the USBC and he took Gold in the Pro-am with Elaina Musa.
With mentors like Francois Szony, Pierre Dulaine & Yvonne Marcieau, Deano was never short on creativity. He developed a unique hustle routine with Prima Ballerina Beth Ferrara that incorporated Ballet with hustle. This ground breaking routine earned them a spot on the syndicated TV show "Dance Fever."
This was followed up by performances on Ed McMahons "Star Search" doing a Double' with Sandra Rivera and Danny & Lisa.
His dancing took him on extensive tours all over the country as well as Europe, South America and Jamaica.  
In 1988 when an opportunity knocked, Deano moved to California to join forces with long time friend Lisa Nunziella. He quickly became a screen actor guild member. Together they would embark on a partnership including movies - sitcoms - commercials and videos, that had never been achieved in the hustle:
Dance doubling for Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz in "The Mask,"
Leslie Nielson and Pricilla Presley in "Naked Guns 11,"
Christopher Walkins in "Wayne's World 11,"
Malcolm McDowall and Rhea Pearlman in the sitcom "Pearl."
Performances on "The Fresh Prince of Belair," "Whos the Boss," "Deep Space Nine," "General Hospital" and "All My Children." Videos included Prince's "Diamonds & Pearls," Baby Face's "Tender Lover" and Laura Branigans "Moonlight On Water."
Currently Deano continues to study acting geared for films and commercials. In addition to coaching and teaching dance, Deano has become a professional trainer and enjoys body building.
With so many accomplishments and an incredible resume, we look for more exciting dance work from this dance pioneer. Since the video camera was just becoming available in the 70's, it is fortunate that the body of Deano's work is on the silver screen and will be around for eternity.

(Deano is a member of the Hustle Hall Of Fame. To view pictures please visit

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