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David Sarul -
by Ron Bess

Exciting, animated, entertaining, are just a few of the descriptions that come to mind experiencing this gentleman's artistry. Lights, camera, action, so where else would you expect his birth, then Hollywood! It's Dave Sarul. He never quite fit the stereotypical disco mold. Dave does his own thing, from the way he combs his hair to how he interprets the dance. Hustle dancing is so unique, allowing one to express themselves with their own signature style, and no one does it better then "Disco Dave". His parents were Immigrants from Europe and "Yes they use to tango and polka dance," shares Dave. From an early age he embraced music, playing electric and acoustic guitar. "One of my early accomplishments was going on a USO Tour. I was the only musician backing 4 rhythm and blues soul singers at different Army base's," shares Dave. He was flown around in either a army carrier plane or army helicopter. Quite an experience for a young talented teen. As an only child, he would attend Friday After middle school dance socials where they taught touch and free style dancing. Then in late 1977 Dave experienced an awakening, he witnessed people dancing the hustle while at club 'Destiny 2'. Like a chemist in his lab, Dave watched with great enthusiasm, studying the various dancers from NY, LA, FL and even Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippians. The following year, Dave made his move, putting aside his beakers & microscope transforming into a hustle dancer and teacher. He was now able to express the pleasure that dancing brought him, know different then those who inspired him like: Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Gene Nelson and The Nicholas Brother's. With a reservoir of talent, Dave would surround himself with friends which had a strong passion to do the hustle. "Some of us would go outside the club and figure out the cool new moves we had seen that night, it was fabulous", explains Dave. Hustle dancing was becoming the "FaceBook of today", the method that connected new friends and dancers. Dave would research and practice his new social dance skills as well as compete with various partners including; Patti Manner's, Topaz Larue, Donna Hyatt and Valerie Ridderhoff. He had the knack to express himself through his dance. Dave doesn't just dance with his body but with his entire being. As his technical knowledge and new gained experience kicked in, so did his confidence. Dancing gives a man purpose. Dave was now on a life-long dance mission. He competed and performed with Topaz Larue on the popular Fox television show "Hot City", winning first place honors. This experience lead to more television performances including the TV show "Kicks", along with Patti Manner's, and on the cable show "Disco Salsa Explosion", once again with Patti taking first place in the contest. His popularity was growing via the exposure of winning contests and appearing on television. Dave was developing his own unique style, utilizing creative and fun patterns. His bold dance expressions aren't just words but embody who he is. His next dance chapter would happen on the ABC TV movie of the week, "Can You Feel Me Dancing", staring Justine Bateman. Along with Donna Hyatt, they would dance West Coast Swing and Flying Lindy for the movie. Dave would continue to dance and compete in the Los Angeles area at popular clubs like Tennessee Gin, Cotton, Victoria Station, Le Chic, Red Chimney, and Dreams, "where I went every Sunday night which included the longest running Hustle Jack n Jill dance contest, spanning from 1979 to 1985", explains Dave.

Living in California presented many opportunities for talented dancers. Dave would attend some of the tapings, over the next few years, of the hit television show "Dance Fever". It was at the filming that he befriended fellow dancers that were competing on "Dance Fever", representing their hometown city's. Talented dancers like Donna Boyle & David Padilla, Steven Mitchell & Lisa Rivera, Rodney Harris, Arte Phillips & Maria Torres and Eddie Vega & Lourdes Jones. Still hungry to dance and explore new horizons, Dave was ready to make his next move that would land him on the east coast. "I moved to New York for a change of pace and this is where the Heart and Soul of Hustle dancing lives", shares Dave. "I would have to say my favorite moment and memory was coming to the East Coast in 1988 and being able to dance hustle in New York and Philly and absorbing the Hustle floor dance knowledge on different trips to the East Coast", recalls Dave. He was on top of the world. Living his life to the fullest. Dancing put a smile on the face of his heart but elsewhere hustle was falling out of favor. Times were changing and the music and dancing had run its course. The popular discotheques were being replaced by comedy clubs, karaoke bars, punk rock music and empty parking lots. Dave had turned that shiny mirror ball into a hustle globe, traveling all corners of the disco world, but many of the hustle greats were now gone. Teaming up with other hustle dignitaries, it was time for a resurgence. Donna Boyle, Maria Torres, Debra Hampton and Dave decided to create a hustle weekend, "Hustle USA Dance Championships" was born. It was the first of it's kind. The weekend event attracted dancers from all over the country. It gave the enthusiastic dancers from the West the opportunity to experience the talent of the East, Midwest and south. It was non stop dancing including performances, dance competitions, workshops and the crown jewel award honoring the late Eddie Vega. "We were the first four pioneers to take hustle dancers by hands & feet to honor and preservation this sizzling awesome floor dance", shares Dave. Hustle USA ran from 1995 up until 2002. But after a glorious 8 year run, it experienced it's final curtain. "Due to Rising hotel costs (in NYC), Hurricane Katrina, Hotel facility costs...., 'Hustle USA' ran its course, it was time to pull the plug," explains Dave. " But through Hustle USA we were able to spark the flame and set the way for other Hustle dance venues to follow".

Even as a professional, Dave still expands his own dancing and doesn't stop creating. With a touch of pizazz along with some three stooges technique, Dave fuses a variety of styles creating his own eye catching style. "My Extraordinaire Hustle dancing inspiration's include Eddie Show Biz Vega - Arte Mr. Musicality Phillip's, Butchie Everett, Cedric Freedom, Ron Bess, Little Freddie....Awesomelicious Hustle Dancer's".

Dave has continued to amplify his wealth of dance knowledge, "coast to coast", with an allegiance of new dancers from all generations. A staff member on national competitions where he is a professional judge and instructor. His contributions to dancing have not gone by unnoticed. In both 1979 and 1980 he was honored with awards for best Hustle dance Instructor, choreographer and dancer in Los Angeles. He was awarded the prestigious "Arte Phillips Inspiration" award at "Disco America" in recognition of his commitment and love for dance. Our own Einstein of Hustle, If you can't remember a song, a dance step or a time or place from the disco era, just ask Dave. He is our Hustle Historian. Dave continues to be the cornerstone at numerous dance socials and events. You can expect disco Dave to continue teaching and sharing his love for the hustle, equipped with his smooth dance style, for many different generations of Hustle dancers to come. Congratulation Dave for being so awesome.

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