David Nyce - Hustle / Disco WCS + Salsa

David Nyce -
by Ron Bess

He caught the fever even before folks knew it existed. By the time, the movie "Saturday Night Fever" exploded, on the silver screen, David had already established his own dance studio, "Disco Step Inc." in Virginia.
Twenty-eight years ago, David Nyce caught a glimpse of hustle dancing and it changed his life for ever. "What really turned me on was seeing Craig Yee and Linda Rodriquez perform at the Plumb Disco." At that time, David was into street dancing but was overwhelmed with the tricks and lifts. His fever spread as he went from partner to partner climbing the disco ladder.
As a forerunner of hustle dancing, in Washington DC, David was driven to be the best he could. Yet, David may have been held back from 'catching those stars'. Possibly becoming a victim of being "too nice." While many dancers grew with one partner, David enjoyed the pleasure of having many. The time restraints limited his ability to reach that higher plateau.
Still in all, David did achieve gold status in 1978, along with Cindy Mead, winning the prestigious United States Hustle Championships. David next danced with Kim Oliver. They succeeded, making it to the second round on the syndicated television show "Dance Fever." Performing to the dramatic beat of "Savage Lover," he created an electrifying routine combining overhead lifts, flips, kicks, and exciting hustle moves. David always took pride in choreographing his own routines although his real passion was adagio. The art of lifts and tricks became his focus.
As one of the first hustle teacher's in the DC area, David quickly out grew teaching at the local clubs as his classes became so popular. This lead to the opening of "Disco Step Inc.," the largest school in Washington DC, dedicated to disco dancing. The dance studio became very popular and was written up in all the area magazines and newspapers. On Wednesday evening's they held their hustle dance party which attracted over 100 dancers every week. All along, David would continue to perform and compete with long time friend Annette Fillipini. "I was always ready with new tricks for the local contests that popped up" David remembers.
For five years his dance studio would continue to thrive. His staff was made up of the finest hustle teachers from the DC area, Joyce Szili, Allen Vital, Juan Hernandez.... he had a staff of 14 professionals. After he represented Washington, DC on "Dance Fever," David would train and develop over teams. Since the tide was changing, David gave his couples a competitive edge by combining dance with martial arts - choreographed to music. The combination was a hit. Two of his couples won their auditions and went onto Los Angeles to compete on the televised "Dance Fever" show.
Along with new partner Jennifer Mitchell, David competed at the 2001 Disco America competition in the Professional Theater arts division. "Today's dancing and style is the best," reflects David. Still very passionate about the hustle, the fever hasn't gone away. "I felt of myself as the person with the highest amount of potential but was always hindered by not having the 'perfect partner."
Today he is married and has two kids. He owns and operates his own karate studio in Fairfax, VA called "The BlackBelt Academy." David still makes it out twice a week to get his dancing fix. He has competed from the 70's up till 2001.
From teaching hustle to competing and owning his own dance studio, David is viewed with great admiration by the many friends he has made along the way.
Obviously, his name suits him well.

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