Billy Marti - Hustle / Disco WCS + Salsa

Billy Marti -
by Ron Bess

Whether you're at a dance social or major competition, this hustle dancer jumps in and out of the limelight at the drop of a hat. His charisma and high energy instantaneously grabs your attention. He truly has hustle DNA, mixing street dance, jazz and ballet into one. Billy Marti, AKA "Prince Of Hustle," is the unsung hero in the hustle community.

Billy is old school but on the cutting edge, (let me rephrase that), the bleeding edge of contemporary hustle dancing. His exciting, crisp style of hustle is high energy: classic with long lines and eye catching speed. He gets noticed and it's created a buzz with flocks of students attending his advanced level class at Stepping Out dance studio in NYC. Billy not only performs and competes but loves to share his love for dancing with others.

He has created the first "Central Station Dance" event taking place April 27th at Stepping Out. His mission: to give back to fellow dancers, help nurture new enthusiastic dancers while expressing his passion for the hustle.

Billy started dancing at the age of 18. He first attended the "Phil Black Dance Studio" in New York City thanks to a work/study program. With great interest he quickly mastered the fundamentals of dance and within a year realized he had found what would be his life's passion. As his repertoire expanded to include other forms such as ballet so did his experience with other dance studios like "Broadway Dance Center," THEATRE DANCE AND STEPS. Within a year, Bill was hired with his first dance partner, Nancy Melius to perform in Israel as a "Fame" dancer with Robert Guillaume and Albert Hague. During that same year, Billy was a featured performer in Evelyn 'Champagne' King's video entitled "Action". Billy then performed in New York's first dance fashion show for LA Crasia gloves with Artie Phillips and Nancy Melius. Continuing on the professional dance circuit, Billy performed a solo spot with Jennifer Lopez in a promotional feature for Chess King clothing. He earned additional professional credits by dancing in major nightclubs with "Freestyle's" singing artists "Corina, "Fascination," and "Giggles." Over the years, Billy also toured with "Compania Folklorica Latina," a national dance company in which he received thousands of letters from adoring fans. This tireless dancer has accumulated quite a resume in films and TV including ,"Funny Valentine," "Alphabet City," "WB11 Morning News" and "FOX 5 News."

One night, when while watching a competition at a nightclub, Billy was inspired when he discovered his new love for hustle theater arts. He met the late, Wanda Soto who began teaching him in the art of partnering. He soon began dancing and performing with Hustle Hall Of Famer's Lisa Nunziella, Maria Torres, Nelly Cotto and Billy Fajardo. Along with these dance pioneers, Billy fondly recalls the counseling and direction he received from his hero the late and truly great, Eddie Vega.

Billy has also received wonderful recognition for his talented choreography. He has choreographed for "Eleganza Italiana," at the Mariiott Marquis in NY, productions at one some of New York's more famous nightclubs, " EL BARRIO USA" at Caroline's comedy club and his work with Mario Vazquez of "American Idol."

Billy puts great pride in his ability to thoroughly prepare students for showcase and dance competitions by articulating a music and choreography mix that enhances the student's individual style and thus complementing their strengths.

The prince is a regular at all the hustle dance competitions where he competes with his students, professional partners, Jack & Jills and performs in showcases.

Once again, he is selflessly going all out to put together a dance party with all the bells and whistles. To help support Disco America and ring the bell for hustle dancing, Billy has organized "Central Dance Station." This unsung hero has put together a night of dance that will have a line forming around the building. For all the details, check below under April 27th. Your get to see Billy in action. After watching Billy dance you'll reach the inescapable conclusion that this guy loves to hustle.

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